A Simple and Convenient Test

Diagnostic tests can sometimes be painful, messy, or time consuming. When our health care providers suggest that we have some kind of testing done, we don’t always know if there are other options available to us. When trying to rule out H. pylori infection as a source of your stomach symptoms, there is a test that is easy and convenient.

BreathTek® UBT for H. pylori can identify an active infection in your stomach.

During the test, you simply breathe into a small collection bag to capture a baseline sample of your breath. Then, after drinking the Pranactin®-Citric drug solution, you breathe into another collection bag. If there is an infection, the bacteria break the solution down into gasses that are measured in your exhaled breath.

BreathTek UBT should always be administered by a health care professional in an office or a lab, as ordered by a licensed health care professional. The process only takes about 20 minutes.

BreathTek UBT can help you feel confident that you’re cured after treatment.

After you are diagnosed with an H. pylori infection and are treated, you can discuss taking the test again to ensure that the infection has been cured. This is especially important to reduce the chances that your stomach symptoms return because the bacteria may be resistant to your current treatment.1






Wait 4 Weeks

Test Again

Test Again


Ask your doctor about BreathTek UBT if you:

  • Experience stomach issues like burning, bloating, and belching
    • Other symptoms include upper abdominal pain, gnawing pain, loss of appetite, nausea, gas, bad breath, and vomiting
  • Have been diagnosed with an ulcer or have a history of ulcers
  • Have a family history of or have had stomach cancer in the past
  • Live in close quarters with someone who has been diagnosed with an H. pylori infection

Don't suffer in silence...tell your doctor about your stomach symptoms! Prepare for your next appointment by answering a few questions in our Appointment Preparation Guide and then discuss them with your doctor to see if H. pylori is causing your symptoms.

Could your child be suffering from an H. pylori infection?

Home video

Learn how BreathTek UBT is administered in this instructional video.

Learn about BreathTek UBT and how to prepare for the test.